Although the eSIM is already a well-known  technology in the Telecom influence area, many of the benefits, characteristics and potential use cases are still far to be perceived by other possible interested industries and, most likely, the general public.

The aim of this whitepaper is not to provide another insight of the eSIM architecture, features, and native functionalities, but to bring another point of view of the potential added value services for secure applications that may leverage the inherent built-in security the eSIM, as Tamper Resistant Element, offers. 

Therefore, for OEMs, as well as Secure Application providers interested in understanding and taking advantage of the power of the eSIM, this paper may bring some starting point for research and will clarify some points such as:

  • eSIM Certifications to prove state-of-the-art security.
  • Non-Telecom Use Cases the eSIM is able to fulfill.
  • Android StrongBox as a valuable feature to exploit the full potential of the eSIM characteristics.
The Benefits of eSIM Report cover

Learn More:

  • How the eSIM proves it security levels?
  • Leveraging eSIM Security for non-Telecom Use Cases
  • Strongbox

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