eSIM Market Revolution

With large companies such as Google, Apple and Samsung leading the market for consumer devices with eSIM, smartphones are expected to take the lead in growth due to their 84.7% average market share between 2018 and 2023.

The consensus is that the eSIM is in an acceleration phase as it has been adopted by handset vendors and is receiving MNOs‘ support all over the world

eSIM and devices

What Needs to be Solved in the eSIM Consumer Market?

  • Device makers have a hard time ensuring that their prototypes work with different MNO profiles in their target markets.
  • eUICC adds complexity to the manufacture process and poses a prototype validation challenge to device makers.
  • If the device acquired by the customer does fail to download the mobile operator's profile, it may lead to an increase in calls to customer care centers, add costs to your operation, and increase customer dissatisfaction.

How Does an Interoperability as a Service (IaaS) Program Solve these Issues?

Valid provides a high-value free-of-charge SM-DP+ online service for validating prototypes during their initial stage. Device makers have access to a service web interface where they retrieve one Activation Code per MNO so their eUICC prototypes, using GSMA's test certificates (SGP.26), can be validated.

MNOs provide Valid with their commercial profiles without real credentials (no fraud risk) and can guarantee a better service for their end-users during the commercialization of new OEM devices. 
IaaS project

What are the Benefits for MNOs?

  • Reduced effort from your technical validation staff and your customer care centers.
  • Reduced costs to your operation.
  • Increased satisfaction for your customers.
  • Further cooperation between OEMs and MNOs.
  • Feedback on any issues you encounter in your profile.
  • Once the initiative is live and running, we can provide reports on your profile specifications.

What are the Benefits for OEMs?

  • Early detection of interoperability issues at initial prototype stages. 
  • Reduced time-to-market. 
  • Increased product robustness. 
  • Favorable end-user perception of the brand.

Watch our on-demand Webinar about eSIM Interoperability as a Service Initiative, with our partners Fime and UL


How to Join Valid's eSIM IaaS Program?

OEMs willing to participate simply need to get in touch with us via our requested form above and a Valid representative will be in touch with you shortly.

For more information, download our FAQ here. Read our Terms and Conditions for the eSIM Interoperability as a Service initiative.